Do you have QUICKFEET?

Improve yourself in a way that was never possible before! With unique sensor technology, data analysis, global leaderboard and direct feedback in our free app. Improve motor and cognitive skills in your backyard or at the club.⚽️📈

QUICKFEET methodology

QUICKFEET's interactive football trainer is designed to trigger and improve players in various areas. On a motor level with passing, control, and turning. In combination with memory, look behavior, calculation, intelligence and ofcourse: FUN!

Each game has its goal, which is represented by image or sound. You have to react in different ways and hit the right panel. And when finished, compare your score with your friends or the whole world through the free QUICKFEET app.

The challenge from head to toe 📈

All 10 training games are based on earlier research and experiences from coaches, players and partners all over the world. With the main goal to improve motor and cognitive skills from players from all ages and levels worldwide. By adding our recognizable symbols with colors, shapes and numbers we want to improve players but want to implement more fun as well. To force players to train longer and more often, when and wherever they want.

Since 2005.

The first interactive training system, build with sensor tech. The solid 360 arena has been designed to improve motor and cognitive skills combined with a lot of fun.

QUICKFEET has undergone changes in the last 2 years. Changes have been made in the field of brand design, product design, the application and of course there have been changes in the world, so that not everything has remained the same. But our goal is still the same, to help football players develop!

Worldwide shipping.

We are able to ship the QUICKFEET Trainer to all countries in the world. From the 1st of September we are able to arrange same day shipments.

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