The best way to learn deal with the ball is repeatedly touching it. No other device will create that many touches in such short time. You can have up to 1,000 touches in just 15 minutes. This is more than 10 times more than in a typical training or match environment.

Playing soccer requires more than just getting used to a ball. Cognitive tasks, such as sensing the environment, perceiving information, calculating options, and deciding for an action are omnipresent. The QUICKFEET drills are designed to challenge the player’s head and feet at the same time to promote neural connection of relevant cognitive and motor skills.

Heads up
Scanning the environment for relevant visual information is key in a soccer game. Therefore players need to keep their heads up as much as possible without losing ball control. QUICKFEET is designed in a way that the player constantly needs to turn and search for the display, hence being forced to keep up the head.

Ball skills
QUICKFEET specifically addresses passing and ball control. These two elements are among a set of basic ball skills, which kids should master as early as possible in order to be able to focus on acquiring match-specific skills such as fitness, duel and tactics later on.

Play alone
Soccer is was hard to play alone. QUICKFEET is the solution for those who want to train their soccer skills but miss a partner. Once the trainer and electronic equipment is set up properly, it can easily be controlled by 6 year-olds. Parental guidance unneeded with no excuses accepted.

Training can sometimes be boring. To keep players motivated to train, QUICKFEET uses a variety of fun drills, measures performance with a unified score, and allows to compare the scores with others. Hence, players can monitor their progress and can strive for leaderboard appearance.

Play wherever you want. QUICKFEET is conform to IP44 protection and can be used in- and outdoors. The system can be assembled or disassembled in just a few minutes. Total weight is around 10kg but the dedicated carry bag with wide opening and shoulder straps facilitates movement.

The QUICKFEET octagon creates a standard setting with different sleeve prints each. The drills that come along with the app show only a small fraction of exercises that can be done with QUICKFEET. In fact, opportunities are endless and each player is invited to create new drills and tasks.