Your privacy and transparency around QUICKFEET are important values for us. With this policy we give you more insight into how we handle your data and why we use it.

Company details
QUICKFEET is part of Global Sports Innovations B.V.
Chamber of Commerce: 81118279

Visiting address:
Koperslagerstraat 6
3077 MD
The Netherlands

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Why do we use your data?

QUICKFEET collects your data to ensure that your purchase is delivered to your correct address in the first instance. But we also like to use it for the following reasons, among others.

  • To ensure that our delivery partner has the correct delivery address when you have made a purchase;
  • To provide you with the correct and most appropriate information, offers and tips and tricks regarding soccer training before or after a purchase;
  • To collect data about our target group and website visitors with a view to improving our webshop;
  • To collect data about our target group and website visitors with a view to sending marketing activities such as by email, SMS, Google and social media;
How do we protect your data?
Your data will only be used for the above purposes. Through the following ways we ensure that your data will be protected and only used internally with us.

  • We only share your data with our delivery partner for the purpose of delivering your order;
  • We only share your information with one of our suppliers when they send an order directly to you;
  • We do not share data with third parties. This means that we do not share your data with other companies if it does not contribute to our internal analyzes or the delivery of your package;

Changes to our privacy policy
We reserve the right to make changes to our privacy policy. If we believe these changes are of such importance to notify you, we will do so.

As soon as you enter our webshop you will be asked whether you want to accept cookies. Here you have the chance to accept the Cookies or to refuse us to store your data. If you refuse, we are of course just as good friends!

QUICKFEET is responsible for the correct use and protection of your data. If you have any questions or complaints about this, we are always open to discuss this