On this page you can see solutions to solve any issue for:

  • Orders
  • Trainer and sensor set up  
  • App and sensor connectivity

After placing your order we will send you the tracking link within 48 hours during working days. If you didn't receive any info please contact us by email: info@quickfeet.net. 

Did you receive your order but do you have an incomplete package, questions about the material(s) or any other product question? Please get in touch with us by email.

Trainer and sensor set up
All information regarding the set up of the QUICKFEET Trainer and Sensors are published on the pages 'Trainer set up instructions' and 'sensor set up instructions'.

Cable wiring
The cables need to be wired accoriding to the provided wiring scheme. The signal ring is closed, when the LED of the master box lights up permanently. When the LED flashes, the ring is not closed. In such case, please recheck the wiring (Are you using the correctect I/O sockets? Are all connectors locked?). If the LED continues to flash, there might be a hardware problem. Please contact us via the app's contact function or via email to info@quickfeet.net so that we can fix the problem.

Number salad
Once calibrated, the sensors know & memorize which sleeve number they have. If, however, you feel that the sensors are not reacting as they should, you can re-calibrate the sensors using the "Calibrate" command in the "Get started" section.

App and sensor connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity
If you are facing trouble to connect to the master box, we advice to 1. turn off the master box, 2. logout from the app, 3. close the app on your phone completely, and 4. turn off your phone's bluetooth function. Please wait a few seconds and reverse the process. Your connection is stable when you see the battery symbol on the upper end of the home screen.

App crash
Don't worry, when the app crashes. This may happen. Simply close the app and restart it, then you are good. When the app continues to crash, please deinstall the app from your device and reinstall through the app store. If possible, please report the incident to us via the app's contact function or via email to info@quickfeet.net so that we can fix the problem.