You can find 10 interactive training games in the free QUICKFEET app. Once you have downloaded the app you can start playing. To analyze and improve your performances.

QUICKFEET challenge
The QUICKFEET challenge is our flagship product. Where we combine numbers, colors and shapes into one training game. The app will show the three symbols alternatively. It comes down to speed, memory and reaction! 

React to the colors alternatively showed on the app. We use the colors blue, red, green, grey, yellow, purple and pink. 

React to the shapes alternatively showed on the app. We use the shapes circle, square, quadrupple, triangle, rhombus, heart, trefoil and star. 

React to the numbers alternatively showed on the app. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Make it 9
During this game players have to multi task by combining skills such as passing and calculating. Each time the app shows a number and in addition the player have to hit a number to make the total amount 9. Example: the app shows the number 3. The player needs to hit the 6 to create 9 as total amount.

In Binary you need to pass the panel that shows the decimal number corresponding to the binary number on screen. Based on the binary system.

Start with 1
In Start with 1 you need to pass the panel number 1 first and need to remember the number shown on the screen for the next pass, after you hit 1. Next, you need to pass the panel with the number that was displayed earlier and remember again the number on the screen for the next pass.

The game is based on hitting the right colors. The name of the color is on the screen, with the font displayed in a different color. The text is leading. And confusing :).

During the game you are constantly calculating. Each successive assignment is related to each other. Numbers are always displayed with minus or plus. 

Players have to fulfill the actions on the app twice. To force them to complete 4 passes quickly behind each other.  It also ensures that you can train your weaker feet, because you can position your body that way. 

 All games will be published on Youtube. 

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