QUICKFEET methodolgy

QUICKFEET methodolgy

Implementing the QUICKFEET football methodology was accompanied with the rebranding and redesign of the QUICKFEET brand and QUICKFEET Trainer. 

Our experiences, research and collaborations with coaches, professional clubs and universities, among others, lay the foundation for this method. Which we use as a tool so that players can become as complete as possible and improve every day. We combine training of motor and cognitive skills, the peripheral nervous system and ofcourse fun to help players perform at their best.

By using football sensor technology we register passes into the rebound panel. Which detects the hit and accuracy of each single pass. The QUICKFEET app gives you the commands in image and sound and because it is connected to the sensors it also immediately shows your performance. We provide clear insides in the app about your progress per game and during periods that you play. But also how you do compared to other players worldwide.

QUICKFEET has many years of of experience in inventing, developing and in the internationally marketing of football products. The QUICKFEET Trainer will be fully playable in the begin of September 2023. 

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